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I’m so glad you’re here and hope you’ll read my archive of recipes & advice, allow me to get to know you and, along the way, help you to love real, nutritious food and the world of fermentation.

  • Would like to enjoy the benefit of healthful food but don’t want it to be boring?
  • Are you confused about making better choices, but don’t know how/where to start?

I hope, after a scoot through this website, you’ll feel at home.

With some health issues of my own to deal with (Candida/Leaky Gut/Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease, Adrenal issues and at one point, ulcers that gave me symptoms of Chrohn’s) I set off in search of answers, experienced some real benefits and became a die-hard fermented food ‘n’ drink fan.

Along the way – including working with a leading naturopath on our diet book (designed by him over almost 3 decades and in progress at the moment) and a short, comprehensive college course in ‘Nutrition For Everyday Living’ – my approach to food preparation changed .. and I share it on this blog.

This website is about real food. Not packaged, or laden with confusing or unwelcome ingredients.

We’re all different and have varying needs and I hope, if you have yet to discover the yumminess of real food, that this blog will help you with new choices.

Join me on my food adventure and discover:

  • Delicious, simple recipes.
  • Fermented milks, vegetables, ice creams, sorbets, scrumptious breakfasts & more.
  • General healthy recipes.
  • A catalogue of articles that will help you to learn how to look at food in new ways when eating out, reading labels, shopping etc.

I don’t include Gluten, Cow’s Products, Refined Sugars or Preservatives in my food. This is because of my own diet changes.

Let me do the hard work, so when you dig in yourself, it will make your life easy.

Hopefully you’ll have some fun too.

If you’d chat to me ‘live’ online, download the Apps Periscope and Busker. You can ask me questions while I’m on air and chat to other viewers.

Please keep in mind that you should always see a professional practitioner before making any diet changes and that all content here and any answers to your questions are based on my own experience, the course I attended and advice from my own naturopath.

 Take Control of What You Eat and Feel G.R.E.A.T!

* Gut Health – Make it Your Priority

* Reduce Your Sugar Intake

* Eat Consciously, Exercise Regularly, Sleep Well

* Ask Yourself: Am I Taking Care of My Wellbeing?

* Take Fermented Food and Drink Daily

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